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11 Best HOTTEST Products to Buy For This Festive Season

Christmas is around the corner and our Christmas gift to you: A complete list of Even though you might not always be aware of tech trends, you can tell that these 12 products are certainly going viral. They are already topping bestseller lists and blowing up your Instagram and Facebook feeds. The reason is simple: they ooze innovation, functionality, and creative genius! These 12 things are going to be absolutely everywhere, which is not a surprise because they’re making our lives so much easier!

But what’s even more important: these products are absurdly cheap right now. The companies that produce them are selling their market hits at insane discounts. These companies aren’t stupid and do it for a reason. They simply try to create buzz and make more and more people use their new innovations.

So, get the advantage of this loophole! Not only can you check out here what makes these 5 products so cutting-edge, you also can click the links provided below if you want to order them. Without having to pick up the phone or even leaving your house. Make sure to get at least one of these items now at a lower price before greedy corporations will smell profit and flood the market with more expensive rip-offs!

Do you need to know that your home has its own private eye, but home security systems are too expensive? Stealth Smartcam is a mini-camera that no-one will ever notice because it looks like a phone charger!

A 37-year-old wife from Minneapolis caught her husband cheating with a clever Stealth SmartCam normally used to monitor thieves, pets and young children.

“I’m not very good with technology,” says Ms Dean, “but these were so easy to set up – I had 3 working around the home in no time at all – genius for people like me.”

This “spy” device perfectly blends into any room environment, leaving no chance for anything to happen in your house behind your back. It can record 1080P HD video with sound, so no detail will be left unnoticed!

It has no indication that it doubles as a hidden camera. With no batteries or additional software required, this is the easiest and most discrete home security camera you will ever own. To watch recorded video footage simply connect your SmartCam to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable. Its functional phone charger design means you can still charge your phone while recording.

NOTE: Many parents and storekeeper love Stealth SmartCam to track their home and store activity


This self-cleaning ceramic shield will protect your car’s paint finish from EVERYTHING!

Say goodbye to waxing with this revolutionary way to protect your car’s paintwork from UV rays, scratches, and environmental damage…

If you want your car to always look astonishing, you’ll face a grim reality.
The secret to instant shine and a slick, glossy exterior is applying this to your prized possession so that it will always look clean and retain its color depth. But you don’t need to go to a specialist for its application because you can quickly do it yourself. You don’t need any special expertise because the instructions are so simple to follow.

Automatic car washes scratch your paint, while the chemicals used are terrible for the surface. Not to mention daily life scratches from kids, shopping carts, bikes, and scooters. Stop panicking! 9H car coating is racing to rescue!

What It Is? 
9H acts as a strong protective layer above the paintwork. With the power of nanotechnology, the invisible coating protects your car from all environmental contaminants. Just a thin layer of 9H forms an extremely hard shell on the car’s surface that makes it easy for you to clean your car without worrying about scratches. What’s even better is that it also creates a beautiful shine on your car exterior!

Learn More About 9H Car Coat Here »


When you’re caught in a power outage or in a dangerous situation, Highway Warrior is your best pal! Besides the actual powerful LED flashlight, the 9-in-1 tool is equipped with a belt/rope cutter, a glass breaker, a hammer, a strobe/ worklight/emergency light, a compass, a magnet, a power bank, and a solar panel.

So in fact, it not only provides a flashlight for emergency purposes, but also a flashing red light, a strobe light, and even an SOS beacon. It is solar powered, has a compass, and a USB charging port. It’s got literally everything you’ll need in an emergency situation! Plus, this flashlight will let you use both your hands while you’re in checking your fuses, as it’s magnetized to adhere to any metal surface for secure, hands-free illumination. The glow ring at the tip of the light charges while the light is on, and then glows while it’s off so you can find it easily when you need it.

Scott’s Story
“It’s a necessary escape tool every car should have” – said Scott Miller, who was driving home to Regina from Anglin Lake last Friday when the car accident happened. Scott was behind the wheel of his Camaro and lost control of his car. The car skidded off the road and plunged into a pond. Scott mentioned that “A few seconds felt like hours and I had to keep calm to think of an escape plan”. He never felt so helpless or scared in his life until he realized Highway Warrior could help him break out of emergency. Lucky for him, Scott has prepared for his emergency.

When the Camaro started to sink in the pond, he quickly reached out for it and remembered it had an emergency window breaker on the side. He wrapped his hand with a cloth before knocking out the glass window with the built-in metal safety hammer. He leaned back so he could use his legs to kick the whole windshield out. “It saved my ass!” Scott said. “The glass completely shattered within just a few strikes. After that traumatic experience, I was very relieved that I had purchased the Nomad Shaver a while ago!”

Any driver should have this multi-functional tool in a car instead of a dozen of instruments that serve only one function. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but it can be a lifesaver if you get into a car accident or any emergency situation!


Everyone has a right to be safe. But safety should be never taken for granted. Sometimes, horrible things happen even in the safest streets and houses. Safety is achieved by providing people with tools to help in case of an emergency. Sonic Guardian is one of the smartest safety tools available to everyone. With over 130 decibels of sound, Sonic Guardian can be heard up to 100 feet away! It is also equipped with an LED light if you need to see in the dark.

An assailant’s biggest advantage is an element of surprise. Sonic Guardian allows you to attack the assailant’s brain through his or her ears with a 130 decibel sound hammer! Sonic Guardian looks like a regular keychain, so no-one will pay attention. You can attach it to your purse or backpack and carry it everywhere you go. Sonic Guardian is particularly suitable for teenagers, parents, night owls, delivery route employees, business owners, and college students.

Thief tries to steal bags from a woman and she uses Sonic Guardian – read what happens next! 

Laura O’Challaghan was heading to her car in broad daylight and her handbag was snatched by a thief. What he did not expect was this device she was holding – Sonic Guardian. “I had this place together with my car just incase i needed them one day! I’m glad I bought this because the thief was caught off guard. This is instant karma!”


The BRITE Safety flare is probably something everyone should have with them. The Safety Flare offers the highest level of roadside safety for on-the-road or child-at-play situations and more! It can be used as a road flare, emergency beacon, marine applications, camping and outdoors. Perfect for emergency use, camping/outdoors, road flares, marine applications, etc. Plus it is shatterproof, rainproof (IP55) and it can float so you can take it anywhere. 10 different lighting modes include spotlight (6 hours), double blink (9 hours), double pulse (9 hours), single blink (38 hours), rotate (9 hours), SOS rescue morse code (15 hours), alternate (9 hours), solid on high (5 hours), solid on low (28 hours) and 2 flashlight (9 hours).

Easy to use: Just press the button and hold to turn on and cycle through the different lighting options. The super bright array can be seen up to 1 mile at night and can also provide additional protection during the day as well. The strong magnetic backing allows the Halo to adhere to your vehicles hood and other metal surfaces. Not only that, but this can be used in places such as forests where regular safety flares might be dangerous to use.


The wonderful team at Magic Socks have come up with a fantastic pair of compression sock sleeves to help diabetic patients. Even better, it soothes achy tired feet and has been proven to help with circulation of blood flow to the feet area is able to get sufficient oxygen. Magic socks ultimately promote healthy feet and legs with the quality fiber material, technical features to maximize comfort and alleviate symptoms caused by diabetes.

Fifty-nine-year-old Lynn Macy has been suffering from type 1 diabetes for the last 6 years and her swollen feet has been giving her inconvenience and pain. Like most people, she was quite skeptical of how good a pair of socks can be.

“I wore them since the day I got them and this is how my feet look like after Day 29. WHAT A MIRACLE! Before this, my feet would hurt even walking to the office, or anywhere – even if its a short distance. But now, I wear them all the time and even bought 6 pairs for myself! I usually don’t wear another layer of socks, and its comfortable enough. This Magic Sock has seen a huge improvement since then.” – Lynn Macy

The design of Magic Socks is a non-binding top with additional stretch and comfort with extra wide fitting throughout the foot and ankle area. The technology of Magic Socks consists of NanoGLIDE – engineered to be durable, moisture, wicking, fast drying, and friction resistant. We know diabetic patients suffer from blisters and swelling most of the time and NanoGLIDE helps with avoiding blisters and hot spots caused by friction. Besides that, patients have noted the extra freedom of movement and superior fit with this technology.

7.THIS MIRACLE VIVIAN LOU MAGIC SOLES – Wear shoe 4X longer without the pain!

Now, before you say to yourself: “Those shoes insert things don’t work!” please know, I thought the same thing too, at first! But this one is different! Really! Keep reading and you’ll soon find out why…

The shoe insert I’m talking about is called Vivian Lou, and it’s what happens when a podiatrist, rocket scientist engineer, and high-heel shoe lover all come together collaboratively with a mission to help women wear their favorite high heels—WITHOUT PAIN!

Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back allowing for a more equal distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel. They also stop the feet from slipping forward in shoes.

In a standard 3 inch heel, 75% of a woman’s body pressure is on her forefoot (foot on left.) The red, orange, and yellow spots– that’s where we feel the pain, the burn, the pressure. With Vivian lou there is an incredible shift of pressure off the forefoot (foot on right) This is the same woman, same shoe, same foot– now with our insoles.

After applying in your high heels, you will feel an immediate shift of weight to the heel. This shift will result in one of two reactions. You may either experience an instantaneous relief of pressure off of the forefoot, or you may experience a more subtle adjustment, but will now wear your heels up to 4x longer without pain.


10 minutes a day.

The average person spends 10 minutes a day trying to find lost things. That means that on average, you spend over 4 hours a month, 2 days each year, and 6 months of your life trying to find things you own. With XY, you can keep of track everything important to you, and take back that time.

XY is a Bluetooth LE powered tracking tag that you can put on anything important to you. The tag syncs with your smartphone to help you keep track of all the things that matter to you. You can attach as many XY tags to your phone as you like, and can easily find your nearby tags. XY is perfect for putting on your keys, purse, tablet, and luggage.

This allows you to be less forgetful. When going to a new country or a big city, imagine how helpful this feature could be. No one would ever lose their passport or another item when they have an alert. You’ll receive a separation alert whenever you walk away from an item.If you are unsure of where you place your phone,  use XY Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. XY Find It helps you keep your stuff…especially if you’re a chronic (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag) misplaced.

Lynn’s Tamer Story 
Recently, I misplaced my BMW 5 replacement key and it cost me $800 because of the keyless chip remote. So I decided to use the space key. To this day, I have only one car key because that’s a serious cost for a replacement. My son recommended me XY Find It to help me to stay in sight with important things. This is my 9th month using it and it works perfectly, it works as advertised and great for me because I lose my belongings easily. I am very impressed with the accuracy and price is definitely worth paying for rather than a new spare of car keys! I even bought another one for my son to hook on his laptop bag, awesome gadget!


If you wake up from your sleep the next day feeling exhausted or battling with insomnia – this is exactly what you need!

Don’t underestimate the power of this small device. This device was just released in 2018 and is called Dodow. It’s completely disrupting the billion dollar sleeping pill industry worldwide. Instead of taking harmful and toxic pills to try and fall asleep (that often have you feeling groggy the next morning), millions of people are now turning to Dodow.

This small, plastic disc, which you place on your bedside table, projects a blue ring that gently expands to cast a large, circular glow on the ceiling, before contracting back to a pinprick of light.t is powered by three AAA batteries, and the programmes last either eight minutes or 20 minutes, depending on your own needs.

This approach is designed to help sleeplessness caused by stress, and the maker says that slow, ‘yogic’ breathing (six full inhalations and exhalations per minute) can dampen the body’s response to stress, reducing the release of hormones and taking the body out of ‘fight or flight’ mode into a relaxed state where sleep can take over.

Not only can it help you fall asleep in 20 minutes or less, but it also improves the actual quality of your sleep so that you wake up completely refreshed and ready to start the day!

12. How This Device Prevents $1000s In Car Repairs! (And Why Mechanics Don’t Want You To Have It)

FIXD brings the power of your local mechanic into the palm of your hand. You can now see if there is anything wrong with your car right on your smartphone or tablet in easy to understand terms. Avoid getting ripped off and walk into your auto repair shop knowing 100% what needs fixing and what doesn’t.

The inventors of FIXD were fed up watching their loved ones get taken advantage of at auto shops. They had enough and decided to create a device that would solve this problem and that anyone can afford. It uses a cars OBD (on-board diagnostics) port – the same one that auto mechanics use in their diagnostics.

In less time then it takes to pull into your garage this device will tell you exactly what is wrong with your car in simple terms that your grandmother would even understand. So next time your mechanic tries to rip you off, you can call them out on it. This product has done over $50,000,000 worldwide in the past year, so it definitely qualifies for our gift list.


This is a hot product that is picking up steam fast and is quickly going viral among people who own glasses. The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The Peeps glasses cleaner is the safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA.

It’s easy to use, compact and never expires! Their technology will clean your lenses 500 times! The perfect size eye wear cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches and is available in 7 different colors. They are now shipping worldwide.