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Government commits $45.6m to new Wellington children’s hospital;

Government commits $45.6m to new Wellington children’s hospital

Health Minister Dr David Clark says the Government has committed $45.6m to Wellington’s new state of the art children’s hospital – a project fast tracked by a $50m donation by businessman Mark Dunajtschik. David Clark announced the funding at a mauri stone laying ceremony today to mark the start of construction. “The Government wants to …

Backwards Makeup Tricks That Really Work;
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Backwards Makeup Tricks That Really Work

While there’s no real wrong way to apply makeup (have fun! It comes off!), every makeup artist has his or her own method for creating the ultimate effect. Ask five pros whether they apply concealer or foundation first, and you’re bound to get five different answers. Today, we share 5 common backward tips that most …

Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face;
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Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face

If you’ve ever seen celebrities looking completely unrecognizable without a full face of makeup, then you know exactly how transformative certain techniques can be. Armed with these same makeup artist tricks and tips, these eight easy makeup tricks can take 10 pounds off your look, instantly. We’ll show you how to slim your face, enhance your favorite features, …

Get Rid of Clogged Pores with These 9 Tricks;
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Get Rid of Clogged Pores with These 9 Tricks

A very small percent of the population is naturally blessed with perfect skin—but the rest of us are doomed to wander the earth trying to figure out how to get rid of clogged pores (a.k.a. blackheads) and closed comedones (a.k.a. those flesh-looking bumps that never really come to a head). Whether from inflammation in the …


A Grandma Accidentally Texted A Teen About Her Thanksgiving Plans And He’s Now Invited

This is 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, who lives in Phoenix. He told BuzzFeed News he recently and unexpectedly made a new “friend” over text. Jamal Hinton On Tuesday, he somehow got looped into a group text from an unknown number detailing Thanksgiving dinner plans that included family members “Amanda” and “Justin.” Hinton was confused and asked …