A good topcoat is essential, yes. It’ll keep you warm but it’ll also power up your entire winter look. The classic and sophisticated shape is enough to pull a complete outfit together be it jeans and a hoodie or a full suit.

Get one in your wardrobe now and whip it out whenever you want to dress to impress. Here are 15 of the coolest ones this season.

  • Uniqlo

Wool and Cashmere Coat ($99.90)

Uniqlo’s topcoat was practically made to be worn over a gray plaid suit.
  • H&M

Cashmere-Blend Coat ($199.00)

H&M’s take on the style is a low-key hit. At an accessible price point, too.
  • Zara

Plaid Topcoat ($129.90)

If your wardrobe is heavy on neutrals, try a plaid topcoat to liven it up. 
  • Lamarque

Topcoat ($212.49)

This one’s completely unstructured, which means it’s exceptionally comfortable.
  • J.Crew

Ludlow Glen Plaid Topcoat ($249.00)

If your outerwear leans a little youthful, a glen plaid topcoat is the perfect mature piece to add in. 
  • Charlie Casely-Hayford x Topman

Charcoal Coat ($400.00)

Textured gray is an easy way to break way from black.  
  • Harris Wharf London

Herringbone Coat ($473.00)

Pair this with a sweater, black denim, and rugged black boots.
  • Hugo Boss

Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat ($645.00)

Yep, it’s as soft as it sounds.

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